Personal injury clients often don’t know where to start after an accident has left them in pain, seeking insurance coverage for medical bills and being unable to work can have have a huge impact on your life. Make sure you receive the caring representation you deserve.
Since 1992, David B. Richardson has represented individuals who have been injured in accidents, delivering personal service and continuous involvement in their cases from start to finish. His nearly 20 years of experience representing accident victims has made him a highly effective advocate. There is no substitute for his years spent actually negotiating accident settlements and trying cases to learn the most efficient, effective path to success for his clients. His practice is client centered and highly effective, achieving negotiated settlements rather than trials in a high percentage of accident cases.
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Brandon L. Rich received his law degree from Seattle University School of Law in 2009 and was admitted to the Washington State Bar the same year. While in law school, Mr. Rich was awarded a Presidential Scholarship. He also clerked for the civil litigation firm of Campiche Blue.

Mr. Rich completed his undergraduate education at the University of Washington, Seattle, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (with Distinction) as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy in 2003.
What is your opinion regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?
I think that clients should educate themselves as much as they can so that they understand the process and their rights. An educated client is often one who has the best experience in the litigation process. A good attorney should make it part of their representation to adequately educate their clients regarding the process so that they can most effectively participate in their own case.

Are you willing to review documents prepared by clients?
Of course, documents prepared by clients are often the most relevant and helpful documents of all.